Ultimate Weapons



- Name: Ultimate Weapon
- Location: You have to defeat Ultimate WEAPON and them he gives it to you.
- Power up: The mote HP Cloud has, gets blue when he has low HP



- Name: Princess Guard
- Location: Room 5 in the clock room in the temple of ancients
- Power up: The more aeris heal others



- Name: Missing Score
- Location: Steps leading up to Hojo in the return to Midgar
- Power up: The AP of the Materia it has on it



- Name: Premium Heart
- Location: In disc two go to the item shop in wall market
- Power up: "Miss" on limit break slots



- Name: Limited Moon
- Location: Go to Cosmo Canyon after the Midgar return and Bugen will give it to Red before he dies.
- Power up: The amount of MP Red has



- Name: Venus Gospel
- Location: Talk to the old man in Rocket Town a few times, look at the rocket with him and he should give it to you. (Near end Disc 2 onwards)
- Power up: The amount of MP Cid has



- Name: Conformer
- Location: In the sunken Gelnika plane
- Power up: The rating of the enemies in the fight



- Name: Death Penalty
- Location: In the waterfall with Lucrecia (need Shinra Sub or Gold Chocobo) near the end of Disc 2 and Disc 3.
- Power up: The overall number of enemies Vincent has killed since you've had him


Caith Sith:

- Name: HP Shout
- Location: The lockers on the 64th floor of the Shinra building
- Power up: The amount of MP Cait Sith has